What is HealthyWage? – Get paid cash to lose weight


My HealthyWage Review

This is my honest review of the Healthy Wage Program (healthywage.com). You should read the entire post to get a comprehensive idea of what this weight loss challenge is all about. It may be the incentive you have been looking for in your weight loss struggle and be financially rewarded in the process.

Affiliate Disclosure: We only review products which may benefit your health wellness. If you decide these products are right for you and make a purchase, we may receive compensation at no cost to you.

The Company

HealthyWage company

Founded in 2009, HealthyWage offers people cash prizes to lose weight. You’re probably thinking, this has got to be a scam, but keep reading. Their goal is to provide a new way to get people to lose weight and have a measurable impact on the obesity epidemic. The solution is to use real money to make weight loss more fun and effective. Individuals and large public- and private-sector employers have been using this method for the last eight years with great success.

The Claim

HealthyWage offers a weight loss challenge to all — you don’t need to participate through your company!  You can sign up for up to ten challenges at a time.

A quote from their website; “Our famous HealthyWager lets you make a personalized bet on your own weight loss — HealthyWage Appprizes up to $10,000.  You can play with the all you want without commitment.  Give it a try right now!”

Furthermore, HealthyWage has issued $302,131 in prize money in the 30 days.


How it Works

This is where it gets interesting; basically, you’re making a bet on how much weight you can lose in one year. If you accomplish the goal you set, in the given time frame, you win the cash. Use the prize calculator page to see the money you can win. You can adjust the parameters to check the different prize amounts offered. The prize is awarded as fast as 12 hours after you win.

Now, I know you’re wondering, how do they check my weight? This is accomplished in one of two ways. First, you can upload a short weigh-in video, or use HealthyWage’s mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 1:

HealthyWage calcFirst of all, go to the Prize Calculator Page (you can play with different entries to see prize amounts)

Enter a bet amount

Pounds you can lose

Time period to lose the weight in months

Hit NEXT STEP to see your prize offer

Step 2:

Get your weight verified using their mobile app or upload a weigh-in video.

Step 3:

Start losing weight and monitor it using their tracking charts.

Step 4:

You win the prize if your weight is at or below your goal during weigh out period.

What happens if I Lose?

Like any bet, when you lose you lose. The money you bet is used to pay winners and support the company.

My Take on HealthyWage

HealthyWage reveiwIn conclusion, after researching countless reviews and comments, HealthyWage does deliver on their promise.

The Better Business Bureau has rated them an A- with a score of 4.34 stars out of 5. According to major news resources, HealthyWage works as advertised and people are receiving their prize money.

Here is a partial list of organizations they were featured on;

CNN, Fox News, Today Show, ABC, NBC, The Doctors, Time, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, Shape magazine.

HealthyWage team 2You can also participate in team challenges and win up to $10,000.

The website does seem a bit confusing and customer service needs to be improved.

I suggest, start with an achievable goal even if the prize is small.

Finally, I do believe a cash prize would be a great motivator for many people. It just may be the motivation you have been looking for.

Go here for details – Check out it for yourself to see if it’s right you.


Please leave me a comment if you have tried this or just thinking about it. Also if I left something out that may be useful to others. Thank you.




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