5 Time Saving Workout Tips


5 Time-Saving Workout Tips

Apply these 5 workout tips to save time and burn more calories in the process.

gym2If you are a novice at the gym, try the following techniques to intensify your workout. These suggestions are easy to apply and will help you shed unwanted pounds faster.

Another benefit of shorter workouts is your body produces less of the stress hormone cortisol. Workouts that extend more than 60 minutes will start producing cortisol. This hormone has a testosterone-blocking, muscle-wasting effect.

One other thing, try not to take any pain relievers after a workout.  Research done at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences found taking ibuprofen or Tylenol were no more effective than a placebo in relieving muscle pain. These pain relievers could actually prevent muscle growth when consumed after working out.


  1. More intensity – Less time intervals

gym3A quick one minute sprint between training sets burns 50% more calories than jogging, and twice as much as a walking. Depending on your weight, 10 one minute sprints could shed an extra 200 calories.


2. Don’t get distracted

gym4One of the hardest things to do but it must be done, don’t check your cell phone until after your workout is complete.  Stopping your workout to check Facebook or texting your friend doesn’t seem like it takes that long, but getting back into full training mode does.

In order to truly get an intense workout, eliminate all distractions. This also includes chatting with people around you. It’s been proven, working out alone will not only speed things up, it also is more effective and efficient.

Also, research shows, using headphones to listen to fast paced music will naturally increase your movements while decreasing boredom.

3. Use ankle weights

gym 6If you prefer to walk instead of jogging or sprinting, strap on some ankle weights.  The American Council on Exercise suggests using 1 to 3-pound ankle weights to increase the heart rate up to 5 beats per minute.  Oxygen intake can also be increased by as much as 10%.  Implementing ankle weights on an hour walk can triple your calorie burn rate.


4. Use heavier weights, reduce reps

gym 7Increase the weight amount and the decrease the reps by 10% will increase calories burned while decreasing overall workout time. Using slightly heavier weights will also build muscle mass at a faster rate.

Quick tip: Count you reps backward, as you near the end of a set. It’s easier to think of how many you have left as opposed to how many you have done.


5. Use substitute equipment if needed

TreadmillIf your favorite type of equipment is unavailable, don’t wait for an opening. For instance, if all the treadmills are being used, get on the rowing machine. It’s a much more efficient at burning calories.

Research the equipment ahead of time and know which can be substituted for a particular muscle building routine.


Final Words

Try these strategies on your next trip to the gym. Keep a record after you begin to check your results. You will spend less time working out while greatly increasing calories burned. By working smarter and a bit harder your workout experience will be more enjoyable. After all, you have better things to do with your time.



  1. Yes. The Biggest time wasters in the gym. Is getting stuck in an inane rambling conversation or people hogging the lifting areas doing bicep curls. Or people sitting hogging equipment talking to someone on a cellphone.

    I got out of Fitness First Australia trial period. By telling them i didn’t want to sign up because they had too many people in the gym. When they asked what they could do to retain me. I told them get rid of some of your other customers. As the gym is too crowded.

    They never bothered me again.


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